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Korea is one of the countries with a high level of design sensibility and excellence in color design skills. How does one capture the subtlety of color in their built environment to create a color collection of nearly a thousand colors?

Samhwa Paints moved to the professional NCS color as the operating system for its entire product offer. Freedom Tree specified these colors. Interrogating the past color offers of a decade, analyzing competitor ranges; immersed ourselves in the built environment, including government-proscribed colors; being culturally sensitive to an ancient culture and an innovative - a most beautiful, future proof, color collection is made. Technically the collections also have to be perfect and detailed decisions are made about placement of colors on the color tools and publications.


After its fantastical launch, year on year Freedom Tree has worked with NCS and Samhwa to present Color Trends. Their technical team and Color experts are trained in using NCS for Color design by Freedom Tree.


What we did

Immersive Research


Color plan and ranges

Training and Color Workshop


Decorative Paints and Coating


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