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India exists in people’s minds as a very colorful country. That is true. Every region has given this nation distinct color impressions. From smoky pastel hues of Kashmir hills to the vivid pastel bights of the Rajasthan deserts; from the gritty urban monochromes of our large cities to chromatic hues of the Deccan peninsula.


NANKAI of Japan is a Color Card Publishing industry serving the Automotive, Beauty, Architecture and Appliance industry to name a few. It has been a leading innovator in the Color Publishing industry coming out with customized special effect finishes as well as customer services.


Freedom Tree documents and extrapolate color palettes from the daily life of two different regions, North Western India, largely Rajasthan. Southern India, comprising of color references from Kerala and Tamilnadu. India is a vast subcontinent and is constantly absorbing new influences. Our attempt has been to begin to capture and share a glimpse of beautiful color inspirations that can be a source for new ideation. Two regions, of India, Eight color concepts in each location. Color notations for print and publication for two hundred and forty colors distinctly representative of India.


What we did

Color Recurrence Immersion

Documentation and Color Plan

Copy and write-ups.


Print and Publishing

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