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EasyJet flies over 4.6 million passengers every month. StartJG the London branding agency creates a vibrant rebranding seeking more emotional engagement while attracting new customers. Moving the brand from a uni-dimensional economy airline to a multidimensional brand whose core is efficiency and empathy.


Freedom Tree is engaged to build a trendy palette that would bring to life the rebranding at all touch points. Our strategy is to have a set of Rational Core Colors for Orientation and Efficiency; purposeful colors helping in communicating important information. Emotive Reach Colors for creating Appreciation and sharing Possibilities; used by the brand to stay connected and tell people about opportunities for travel.


As a group every chosen color co-ordinates nicely with the primary easyJet orange. The tone of voice can be modulated thru the supporting cast of colors! Allowing it to be active, hushed, friendly or crisp as the need demands. Color application is given for each touchpoint; Check in counters, Waiting Areas, inflight colors;Brochures and magazines; Digital and Online communication. Color, a universal language is a resonant way of creating a positive brand halo effect.

What we did

Color Plan for Rebranding



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