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Masala wok… All things Indian and Chinese! When an Asian brand wants to enter an Indian kitchen with new technology in home appliances, they want an insight into Indian sensibility and aesthetics. Freedom Tree gets cooking!


An expert panel of chefs, food bloggers, kitchen designers, historians, and gourmets meet at our studio, in workshop around a shared table. Concepts explore polarities; taste memory to timely preparation; food porn to sanctity in the kitchen; theatre of food to digital degustation. Immersive visits to target homes and conversations with real people, give insights into changed food habits and practices of preparation, which will set the creative parameters.


The brand is presented with four filtered need state of users with corresponding color offers. A palette that offers clarity and precision, and enhances product aspirations.

Others that are fresh updates of nostalgic references. Each color group is within a cultural context of India and has a relationship to kitchen interiors!


What we did

Trend and Color Forecast

Workshop with Expert Panel

Color Material Finish


Home Appliances

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