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Myntra is India’s cool online fashion retailer offering a fantastic range. Their need is to strengthen their Own Brand product range and curate fashion collections to make a distinctly different offer to the fashion folk!


Freedom Tree is expected to build concept clarity and color capability in the design teams. We believe that as professionals we learn best by doing. A customized working session is tailor made for the design teams. Critical interventions iron out typical issues that occur in range presentations. Why maintain a distinct color identity for a brand, when to change color for seasonality, how to continue color for classics etc.


The working session relies on making all participants, the thirty designers and others (even those who have never worked with color) think about color in a structured manner for design and retail ranges.The sessions are highly interactive with a talented team! It culminates in session where participants apply their newly acquired training onto a live project. This practice allows them to internalize the NCS color system and see the benefits to ranges immediately.



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Color Training and Workshop



E-commerce Fashion

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