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Haldiram’s Nagpur have a range of namkeens, snacks, and sweets, all indigenously developed, a success for the last 40 years.A need to change their packs after nearly two decades is that in a changing environment, they need to continue to be relevant to newer, younger, Indian consumer.


Consumer research conducted with Brandscapes confirms that the product perception is that of exceptional quality, fantastic taste and a hostess can serve this with pride. The fresh crunch, taste factor, and satisfaction cues have to reflect on the packs; making them leap from the traditional to more compelling.


A product architecture is conceived where the traditional, the confectionary and new foods have distinct pillars and packaging design. Freedom Tree approach is to give new lifestyle foods and introductions in the ‘wellness’ ‘party mix’ and ‘confectionary’ category a modern pack design under the product architecture.


Traditional packs have taste and regional nmeonic cues in the warm pack colors, textile pattern and placement of elements.Party parks explode in a joyous modern graphic made of ingredients, against celebratory colors of cool teals and purple.


Intensity of flavor in every case is cued by color chromaticity. Packs are designed so that color and information hierarchy makes them instantly recognizable in regular trade and navigable in modern retail aisles. The Haldiram Brand name ties all this together to make it a house of food!



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