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The Global Aesthetic center, Amsterdamn is responsible for new product concepts that fit with aspirations around the world. Special Effect finishes are used in commercial, leisure or domestic properties and are applied mainly by professional painters to create an attractive feature wall. Special effect products are often used in combination to transform the look of a room.  


Freedom Tree has been approached refresh and contribute concepts for a special effect ranges that will have a strong appeal to homeowners and interior designers. From our considerable data bank and a knowledge of Indian artisanal techniques and contemporary manifestations, we are able to present directions. These moodboards comprise photographic images as well as other inspirational materials that help bring the texture and colors of the style to life.


What we did

Trend & Color Forecast


Decorative Paint and Coatings

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Textures manifest themselves as more handpainted. With distressed looks and ombre effects they are a new take on oriental inspirations.
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