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Why would someone who has worked 25 years need to go back to school? A Color School? Norwegian brand Jotun Color Coatings, responds with agility to evolving OEM needs for domestic appliances, furniture, automotive and general industrial goods. In a changing environment, Jotun recognizes that it has to have a higher-level dialogue with the Architects and Industrial Designers. These are professional who can look to Jotun for value added advice along with Jotun’s Innovative product offer.


Freedom Tree Design has been approached to build Color Capability for Jotun global teams in a Color School! This is to be in conjunction with the launch of a recent product innovation, Reveal Edge. Freedom Tree creates a hard-working workshop format. Over three days, Interactive sessions with practical exercises make the twenty five participants confident around a shared verbiage of color. The format allows Jotun team members to have insights into how Design Professionals approach color specifications for their product lines.




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