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How can time spent in the kitchen be made more productive? Elgi Ultra Industries is working intensively in the small home appliance category keeping in mind the varied food habits in the Indian subcontinent. Ranging from coconut grinding to juice blending, Elgi has tried to capture the southern Indian market with the Utra Grind+mixie.


Freedom Tree’s solution was to position the mixer as a healthier option for today's homemaker. Refreshing color palettes are used to reaffirm the product's new positioning as well as the innovative machinery. Color variants offer choice at retail touch points. Ideal color solutions are given to control inventory of control panel components. A delicate graphic using coriander leaf silhouettes conveys a contemporary idea of freshness and health.


In a cluttered environment with limited space, the outer packaging largely becomes stocking blocks. Thus the visual language of the pack too is bold, modern and premium.



What we did

Color Material Finish

Product Positioning

Graphics and Packaging


Small Appliances


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