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Hometown is a leading Indian home retailer in urban India. Having had success in their first few years of setting up operations, it is time to further strengthen their internal methods of product range selection and curate collections to make a cohesive offer to their customers.


Freedom Tree has given a predictive framework for the Hometown teams to edit and plan retail ranges. Aesthetic alignment is reached by working in a participatory manner with category teams through workshops. Now furniture, furnishings, lighting and decor ranges are cohesive. This gives a synergy to product range that appear on the floor and 'talk' to real customers!


Freedom Tree's focus is on thematic ideas for the near future home based on how the well travelled urban Indian is aspiring to live. Presented as trend boards and decoded in training and there is enough visual material for the team to work annually. Intensive workshops with cross functional teams bring about further alignment in range selection and on the shop floor.



What we did

Trend and Color Forecast

Training and Workshops

Product Architecture


Home and Retail

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